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The Heaven's Prophets Tomb (PDF)

The Heaven's Prophets Tomb (PDF)

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This is a lost tomb of religious importance, not yours but someone else's. A big religion that had a prophet who could commune with god. This dungeon is his tomb, but deep within and behind its filigree is a dark lake that murmurs and gnashes communications to any who come near. Blasphemous utterings of nonsense that unravel in the brain into epithets and commands. 

Explore the strange and horrifying cosmic, Cor, in this pamphlet sized dungeon adventure for old school fantasy tabletop role-playing games.

System Neutral

This adventure scenario was written to be system neutral, descriptions of damage are written using comparisons to weapons commonly found in old school fantasy tabletop systems. This is done to allow the game to bridge across as many rulesets as possible.

Contained in this two-sided pamphlet is a full Fantasy adventure that takes place in the tomb of the first person who was able to communicate with gods. Of course, as always nothing is as it seems. The voices and thoughts they read through their brain were entities outside this world.

Purchase includes:

  • a system neutral adventure for fantasy role-playing games
  • a pamphlet printable adventure for 8.5" x 11" two-sided printing
  • a .rtf document version of the adventure for ease of use
  • a jpeg image of the dungeon's map
  • PDF only purchase


This is a weird horror fantasy dungeon inspired by Bloodborne, the Lovecraft Mythos, and the movie As Above So Below. When I say the Lovecraft Mythos, I mean everything but all of the original stuff that Lovecraft made. The works inspired by the cosmic horror were always the stuff that I found most inspiring.

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